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Do I deserve the best haircut experience?

There are lots of places in Woodstock to get a haircut. 

There is only one PRIME

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All barbers at Prime Barbershop are licenced tradespeople with Skilled Trades Ontario or registered apprentices with the Ministry of College and Trades.

As licenced hairstylists, we have all completed thousands of hours of apprentice work in a barbershop and attended thousands of hours of in-class training.  Beyond training in the Ontario college Hairstylist program, our barbers continuously educate themselves at Barber academies such as Eikonic Hair, Glassbox, Lawhon Studio and Schorem Academy, specializing in traditional men's styles.

Additionally, our barbers have all received Red Cross first aid training.  All barbers are full-time employees, paid for holidays and vacation time, and retain 100% of your gracious gratuities.

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Our commitment to a clean and safe barbershop experience

That commitment to cleanliness starts with every station having a dedicated toolbox that can be cleaned and sanitized between clients.  We think its kind of gross for you to get someone else's hair on you during your visit so all hair will be swept from the floor between clients and hands washed. Every client will receive a freshly laundered and folded cape and neck strip.  All tools are washed and sanitized before re-use and all clippers and trimmers are cleaned and sanitized with Clippercide disinfectant between each client.  All of our razor blades are single use only and handles are always washed and sanitized as per Southwestern public health guidelines.

The barbershop is equipped with an HRV unit that exchanges indoor and outdoor air, keeping the air fresh.  The furnace is upgraded with a Lennox pure air system that utilizes hepa filtration an UV light to ensure that our air remains clean.

Towels and capes are laundered onsite with scent free detergent.  We use compressed air to effectively remove hair from our tools and uniforms, and to clean hair from behind cabinets and displays.  Multiple first aid stations and hand wash stations help us maintain a clean environment for you to visit.

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We don't want to let your budget get in the way of a haircut

We believe that we produce haircuts and beard trims of the highest quality and like many other services, at times quality can come at a cost.  Our 3 levels of pricing are BOSS, TECHNICIAN, and APPRENTICE.  Boss level is for our senior barbers who have received the most amount of training and have the most extensive clientele.  Technician level is for our licenced barbers who produce excellent quality haircuts and are proficient at multiple styles.  Apprentice level is for our registered apprentice who is getting better with every haircut but will be limited to services they are comfortable with.  

We offer a $5 discount to Seniors on Tuesdays every week with any barber, and offer a $5 discount on kids services when their dad books a haircut for themselves (see Father/Son Combo).

Please remember that we are CASH ONLY.  



Booking appropriate times to complete each service allows us to get you exactly what you want.

On the Booksy app, you can manage your appointments and check our schedule any time of day, for free, from your smartphone.  All of our services are clearly defined in the service description, and are timed so that your service will never be rushed.  We also take appointments over the phone.

By focusing on booked appointments over walk-ins, we can dedicate ourselves fully to you during your visit.  If you want to talk to Cooper about golf, or to Wes about movies, or Alexis about camping, you can choose whichever barber you prefer.  We want you to relax and enjoy yourself.

You are always welcome to call or walk-in for a same day service, but we cannot always guarantee a barber will be available.

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Do you like Weezer?  Wu-Tang Clan?  Willie Nelson?

Do you like the Raptors?  Blue Jays?  Maple Leafs?

If the big game is live, we will have it on the big screen.  No game, well then maybe we will throw on a vhs tape.  Our music is our CD collection, on random, maybe a few records, maybe a tape or two.

Did you just buy a new record?  Let's throw it on and give it a listen.  Did your band just put a video on youtube?  Let's check it out!

We LOVE music.  We LOVE movies.  We LOVE sports.

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